Girls, sparkles and shoes


 The nature of all girls’ either you accepted or denied is the love for sparkly things, and if the object that sparkles is a shoe, please sign all us in.

Rodarte teamed up with the store “opening ceremony” and create a collection that has clothes for woman and men, but the shoes are really eye catching, with the sparkle, and chunky heel which is my favorite heel, and even better some floral and graphic printed shoes for the upcoming winter.

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  1. I'd love to own a pair of chunky heels.

  2. Love them! =)

  3. Those black floral shoes are amazing!

  4. Me quedo con los brillantes y los de flores, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Qué maravilla!!!
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  5. Lately I'm so obsessed with sequins & glitters. Crazy! But its a fact. And chunky heels are so gorgeous and easy wearable.
    Wonderful post!

    xoxo Ra

  6. Hello there ! I looooove this shoes designs :x Their shape and the way they shine made me love them a lot :) Thanks for sharing !

  7. Uffff! los de brillos me recuerdan a unas zapatillitas que tuve de pequeña de las que no me podía despegar, sin tacones claro... te sigo, me gusta tu blog.

  8. Thank you for the blog comment! It's always nice to see fresh faces and wonder how they stumbled upon me. :) I appreciate the time you took to comment. As for this post. WANT ALL SHOES. The flowered ones are gorgeous, and they're something a little different (which is precisely why I like them). Also, have you seen Wonder Forest? She did some Halloween makeup that looks like Dia de Los Muertos. Thought you may be curious to see it.

  9. Vaya colección mas estupenda!! Me gustan ....TODOS!!! Por cierto tu hiciste el montaje con los zapatos ?? Eres lo más con tus posts... <3
    Por cierto te llego la blusa ?