Fashion Lesson

When you find a brand that represent everything you love a great family history, beautiful esthetic, and must of all the constant reminder of the fun of fashion you just get stuck with it and that brand for me is Missoni . But wait, I never thought on seeing my loved Missoni pairing up with another brand named Converse, What? When?  ,  Yes with some amazing styles of  their Chuck Taylor All Star, to be honest , I’m not a Converse girl, I never own a pair just not my style but when I saw this beauties, I’m rethinking, -I really love converse-, Lesson learned.


  1. This post is too sweet! I love it so so much.

  2. Not a fan of Converses either, but these look too cute not to wear!

  3. Se ven geniales!!! quiero verlos en directo seguro me enamoro de ellos jejeje


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