Color me Neutral


 ( OUI Spring Collection 2012) OUI is a German brand full of basics that every girls 
should have, at least i know i would love to have.

Buying clothes that match your wardrobe it could be the most simple or hard experience of your fashion life, having the struggle of realize what you have, what you actually need and what you feel most comfortable in is something that we don’t even think, we just go for what we visually love and it doesn’t matter if we have an outfit at home, we say we will figured out later, let’s think about color maybe this will increase your wardrobe potential.

 Take a look on your closet and look if you have a neutral lover or maybe you are a color creature and realize what you need next time you go shopping.  So what are you a neutral or a color kind of girl?

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2 Inspiring words

  1. I think I prefer the neutral collection - especially the jeans! I could definitely see myself wearing those.

  2. Those green flats and that pink jacket is perfect, love the selection.