Dora Abodi my new crush!


I know I always talk about designer that inspire me and make me feel excited about the fashion world but today is different, In the sense that not only I found a new designer that I love for this amazing lookbook, but  I relate to her view in a whole different way, I was attracted to the fabrics, then I love every single detail, from the model to the accessories , if you know my style you know I don’t go very crazy but I try to push myself into clothes that were not my first choice, and I think DoraAbodi does this, she makes beautiful clothes that are timeless but with a very powerful statement, so this is my new designer crush.  Which is your designer crush?

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2 Inspiring words

  1. Love all the colors, sequins, cute prints and leather, metal elements. Despite all strong elements yet everything put together looks so super cute. Oh, gorgeous,love it!
    Thank You Monica for sharing it!

    xoxo Ra