HAIR TALK: From shaved to Long hair


Story time, last year I shave the bottom half of my head just because, with every haircut you must commit to styling, don't expect to wake up looking like a model( just like britney says "you have to work . . . ", sorry I had to!), but now Im missing my long hair so what can i do to fix this situation without growing my hair for months , HAIR EXTENSION!!!!!, so Irresistible me contact me to try their extension, and I was exited and scared at the same time I was blessed with a lot of hair, I never used extensions, so I was a Extension newbie, here is my journey!

 The extensions arrived in a week, opened them and a long ziploc look alike bag appeared with two compartments, the small one contain some of the hair for you to test the shade and length, if you like it, keep the extensions if you don't just return the box, easy!, for me the color jet black was perfect (yes,it is my natural color) and then I did not knew what to do with all this hair, you have a long piece with 4 clips, 2 pieces with 3 clips, 5 pieces of 2 clips and 2 pieces with one clip and extra clips to clip some more, so obviously I was super confused and went to the biggest helper of our time Youtube.

Find the Irresistible me page and start collecting tips, it was a lot of information so I start clipping, brushing and clipping some more, the hair in the extensions were very soft so i start touching it a lot, i felt like the cat in a villain scene but after all of this, I did it "graduation moment" right here, I didn't struggle at all photo below.

Over all I love the extensions, they look natural, the clips hold really well and the amount of hair in the order it was spectacular, I asked my sister ( who loves to wear hair extensions ) if this where close to what she uses and she said no, this extensions impressed her and now they are at her house, not cool Vicky not cool, so if you want to change your look or make a gift for a girly girl like my sister, I totally recommend them!  

If you decided to buy this beauties here is a great coupon code with 10% off (I do not get anything out of this, I just want you to have some fun with hair ) .

Coupon Code:IrresistibleMonica

Or go right now to the Irresistible me site they are having a Holiday SALE right now, and ignore my code! Go NOW!

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