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Well I want to tell you a story behind this photos, my boyfriend as you know is an Orchestra conductor, he plays many instrument so sometimes he goes out of town to play with different local bands, he just does it just for fun, so last week about Thursday he told me that he was going to play In another state but he was going out just for Saturday and come back on Sunday on time for taking my photos (Yes he is a musician, that now loves to take photos). Sunday came and usually we take photos at 4:30pm because the light is perfect at that time, at 3:30 he sends me a message telling me that he wasn’t going to arrive on time, so I start thinking on doing it by myself, just like I used to do it when I start on this blog world or just not post an outfit this week, 5:00pm my boyfriend call telling me that he was on town asking me if we could make it work with the sunset light, I was already dress so I thought why not.

And I like them, the dress I’m wearing is a Levi’s dress that my mom got for me on Christmas, and I decide to wear it because it wasn’t as cold as other days, the weather was lovely, but as soon as I step out the door, cold wind start to blow in my face, thankfully I was wearing tights.

One of my first posts was on how to do a bow for wearing it like a headband but I just put a safety pin behind and I use it as a bow tie, If you are interested to know how to do it click here.

Esto es para todos los lectores que hablen español he notado que aunque no sean muchos, están presentes y quiero saber su opinión, ¿Les gustaría que Freesia blog fuera ingles / español?

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  1. Such a beautiful outfit! Love it! xx

  2. The bow is awesome! I have one that I wear too :) I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment. Would you like to follow eachother? That way we can keep in touch :)


  3. me gustan mucho las fotos y el look me encanta¡¡
    muchas gracias por comentar en mi blog.
    besos guapa.

  4. Lovely picture, I also adore the pleats in this shift dress.

  5. Por una parte me gustaría, porque aunque entiendo el inglés bastante mejor que como lo escribo, pierdes matices que en castellano no perdería....pero por otra, si te leo en inglés, me fuerzo a prácticar y mejorar....así que realmente, lo que a ti te sea mejor!!!
    el look estupendo!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I feel like it's been forever since I've been to your blog!! I'm so sorry I've been neglecting you, my dear blog friend :) I hope you are well. You look lovely as always, the lighting in these photos is just perfect and I love the cut of your dress; the bow you've added to it is just perfect. Have a wonderful week, beautiful lady :)

  7. What an absolutely wonderful dress, and I love how relaxed you look wearing it...

    Me encanta leer los blogs en español, aunque normalmente estoy demasiado peresoza para comentar en otro idioma...

  8. tks for your visit!
    lovely dress :)
    u have a new follower.

  9. Las fotos han quedado genial, la luz es preciosa!! Y el look me encanta, el lazo le da un toque divertido al vestido. Que suerte tienes con lo de las fotos, tu novio las saca genial, yo ahora tengo que pedirle a amigas, y ayer las hice por mi cuenta por primera vez, no han quedado demasiado bien, es muy difícil!
    A mi me parece bien que hagas el blog solo en inglés, yo lo hago en los dos idiomas, y la verdad es que quedan posts super largos. Por cierto, te he nominado para el stylish blogger award, pero entiendo que igual no tienes ganas de escribir 7 cosas sobre ti. Si te apetece, me encantará leer el post!!
    Un beso Mónica!!


  10. AH! Madly in love with this bowtie trend too! I love how you keep the ends loooooong!

  11. Sunset light is so great for photos, because it's not so bright and it gives so fabulous mood.
    Monica, Your dress is amazing and it look so perfect on You. Seriously!Stunning!
    We have raining for weeks in Ireland and weekend is not exception.

    xoxo Ra

  12. I love this outfit so much, and the pics are amazing too: soft and a little bit "unreal"...I liek the atmosphere.
    I follow you, visit my blog and if u like it, do the same: follow me!
    I'm expecting for you, it would be an honour.
    thanks, v

  13. isn't it great when things work out that way, it was a meant to be moment for sure. the lighting couldn't be better, you look amazing and your outfit totally rocks (as usual!). i just love the way these have a bluey filter look and so evenly dispersed.

    adore your bow tie creation, it really gives such a vintage feel to the dress. beautiful. ♥

  14. I really love how these photos turned out. The sunset worked out perfectly. And I'm so impressed with your boyfriends dedication! Rushing back from a show so he can take your photos. Amazing! :)

  15. I love your pics! great backgrounds,poses and, of course, outfits! you're very inspiring!