Finally I know what I’m going to give to my boyfriend, and I admit that I take the idea from the lovely Michelle from Her catwalk, I’m going to cook for him, but I’m going for my favorite part of a dinner the Dessert, easy and delicious. Do you know what you’re going to give to your guy or girl???? 

 Need some valentine's inspiration here is one more ad from Herve Leger Spring Summer 2011 Campaign, just lovely.

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  1. JP's a drummer and loves beer so I bought him a cute beer mug that says "You Rock My World". :)

  2. I've bought James a bathroom baf for overseas and inside have put a nice leather wallet + a love heart chocolate + heart lollipop :) I'm also going to find something cute and make it for him tomorrow

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment! I've made a card/book and am putting in a homemade CD- very excited.

    Where the wild things might be...

  4. Sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day gift...and you know what, I think that you should serve it FIRST and eat the meal backwards! :)

  5. Happy Valentine's Day Monica!! i hope you had your boyfriend have a lovely one :). and i love these photos, esp the romantic dresses/accessories. gorgeous! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  6. Happy Valentines day!
    I wrote my love - a poem, because we're doing long distance, so i cant get anything..
    but good thing - creativity coming out of my heart

    hope you will follow or atleast visit my blog