Nature of Neon


The last few days have been so warm is not cute, so I have to display my skinny legs and not be so uncomfortable in my jeans so yesterday I decided to wear a playsuit, such a perfect piece, you don’t have to think a lot to be ready and out the door, plus it has shorts, and this is lovely for all girls, mine is from MotelRocks, and the pattern of it totally caught my eye, so colorful and it has my loved black, perfect. What is your go to piece for a warm day?

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10 Inspiring words

  1. always in love with you hair bun <33

  2. I love the dress, so chic, it looks perfect on :).

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  3. Just you can pull of that gorgeous playsuit so amazing. Every detail what you have add to this look is absolutely fabulous.I love 5 photo of you, soooo lovely!

    xoxo Ra

  4. Absolutely gorgeous.
    Love the shot of the shoes.

  5. Love the neon accents....& the necklace!! <3

  6. You look beautiful! This is such a fun dress- I love all of the colors!


  7. cute shoes, cute dress and awesome shoes :)
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  8. I also got a mini skirt from Motel Rocks - they have great prints and edgy wear :)! Love your outfit, it suits you perfectly.
    Thanks for your nice comment, it means a lot! :)