The glamour of the not glamorous life


Hi lovelies, today it’s just a simple post, a casual talk between you and I, I didn’t put makeup, or comb my hair, why? Well, although I love to dress up, the true is that I don’t do it every day, SHOCK! Sometimes being the simple version of you is a good thing, maybe you just want to eat frozen yogurt with a friend, then stay at home and read a book, but wearing a vintage dress with heels is not always the option, right! Maybe I will regret this photo later but today I feel like sharing my not so glamorous side! If you have those kind of days please share it on my FACEBOOK page.

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  1. nice skirt :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. That is so true! I too have those do nothing days. Although it's quite hard to find one around these days. I love the un-combed hair Monic! Cuter that way. haha. Anyway, great to have you posting again!

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

  3. Yum!
    I like those days!

  4. you are true beauty!You look beautiful no matter what. This is wonderful post.

    xoxo Ra

  5. I love the pictures and look!

    I follow you with my new profile, I change it and I lost the trail :)

    A kiss!

  6. estas guapisima amiga! me encanto verte au natural :P

  7. Create the perfect SS outfit by teaming your day dress with a pair of shoulder bags and accessorise with a staple piece of jewellery.

  8. You look adorable in these pictures and i love the print of your skirt!

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