If you’re busy busy busy!


Ok this is a post about a sad moment that I’ve decided to turn it into something positive, I recently lost my beautiful dog suska, she was an amazing dog that lived 21 years with my family and here come the reflective part of this post, us young adults don’t appreciate small thing anymore, and we don’t aloud our self’s to enjoy the small moments that should be the moments that really matter in our lives, maybe take your dog for a walk or giving your mom ten minutes of a good talk and maybe you can relate to this, I have an amazing job but it takes so much time and energy of me that I make myself not available to those small things that I know I enjoy and love, maybe I would've loved to take suska on a long beach walk every weekend but I only do it when I have “Free time”, so from that I made a commitment with myself to do more things that I want to do no matter if I feel like time is against me, I’m going to stop thinking and start doing, and my first step is  going on a good morning run, I really invite you all lovelies to start enjoying the small things, I’m going to keep you updated on my first week of action.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that! and you're right, we should take time off even when we're busy, to enjoy the important things.