The Other side


The past years I made my boyfriend take photos for this blog and he is great at it, but I always want to take photos of him, and yes I usually take one or two photos just to throw him off, and he accepts for a few seconds and he just says "ok were done." 
This time I tell him to bring some clothes because I was going to take photos of him, instead of the usual me infront of the camera and he say yes, he brought a tower of t-shirts and jeans, but hey he didn’t have to change what he was wearing was perfect, I like his “I don’t try style”, we decided the place to take the photos and he start posing it was great watching him not knowing what to do with his arms, like they were long spaghettis, just hanging there, until I tell him do anything that you want jump, dance, act like a monkey and the magic started, he laugh and here are the results.
Hope you like it.

He is wearing:
 Emerica Saratoga Jeans
Adidas Gazelle
T- Shirt from BUQUE Local Brand
Obey Expedition 5 Panel Cap
Swatch Skin Black Classiness SFK361 watch.

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