Floral and Faux Leather Sounds like summer


I wake up in the mood for wearing thing I feel like wearing, do they match, maybe not, but I will make them work, so my faux leather skirt was the first choice, wait its Sunday so an oversize shirt from my mom’s closet have to come and my new Steve Madden shoes that haven’t seeing the light of day, sure, so I put this look together on a” Why not wear all of that together kind of day!”,   Hope you like it and have a lovely week!!

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  1. Monica, love this look. You look as always beautiful. It isn't matchy matchy look yet everything seem to match just perfectly. I'm creature of habit as well. Have to press myself hard to change something. Your new hairstyle is gorgeous.

    xoxo Ra


  2. Such a pretty look! I love that leather skirt, and the heels as well. I feel you on the hair tie, when I cut my hair I still wore one :)

  3. pretty!