My way: Scarves


Hope this works for you.
 This is the first of a few how to change your way of wearing scarves.
Just in time for those fall/winter cold days.


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  1. I like that way to wear a scarf! Interesting and fun! I'm following you and I will add you to my blog list!

  2. Hi :) thank you for the commnet on my blog!
    I love your blog a lot!!! following you :D
    Nana xx

  3. Hey there, makings of a great blog!! I am following your blog and would love to see things develop here.

  4. This post is absolutely ADORABLE!

    (also, I love the layout of your blog!)

  5. OMG! this post is super! now i have some new ideas to wear that rectangular scarf which used to be borring... BIG thanks for sharing sweetheart! Thanks for following my blog, and DEFINITELY follow yours now! love your style and blog!