Lets get comfy . .


Some days you just wan't to put something and be ready to go, and that's what happend yesterday since i was going in a bagpack hunt for my boyfriend, he is very picky on what he shops, so i was going to be walking a lot. 

 If I could only own one bag it would be these one, these was my mom’s school bag I discover it last year and can’t stop wearing it science.

This is one of my illustration, hope you like it.

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7 Inspiring words

  1. Love those shoes and your bag is great. :)Your illustration is really cute too!

  2. Oh my gosh! You look incredibly chic even when you're super casual, but that illustration is amazing! I'm so jealous of your talent!! :)

  3. Oh I know how that is! I had a comfy day just a couple days ago - only I'm not brave enough to blog it. I admire you for that. :D

    ~ Katie

  4. Oh frees, you look soooo casually chic!! I love your black button shoes and you ma's bag! And moree, I DIG your illutration!!! It's soo neat and cleanly executed!! Love love love!! Great signature also with your illustrations! BTW, I'm also a graphic designer, but I don't do a lot of illustration, so I haven't got my signature style yet for my illustrations. You're very talented!! <3

    Anyway, I've replied your comment sweetheart! Please, feel very free to ask my anything! ;)


  5. the background is gorgeous! you look so cute and casual

    stop by sometime<3

  6. aww love this casual outfit! adore the top and the bag! you continue to inspire me Freesia always :).
    omgosh and loove the illustration! you're so talented. reminds me of the twitter bird hehe, wonder if i u could make one tht says "follow me on twitter," so i could possibly use it as a widget? [i'd place your blog-link on the bottom :)] it'd be so cute!

    aw and thanks so much for joining the giveaway :). your response to your fashion idol is so sweet, esp with you trying on ur mom's shoes even if they were too big hehe. so agree tho, my mom's my fashion idol too :).

    <3, KC.

  7. really adore your style casual but stylish ha :)
    the illustration you created reminds me of the twitter bird lol <3