Seven Confessions


Hi so I’ve been tagged by the lovely cee from coco&vera to confess 7 fashion and style secrets, and I feel like I’m going to do a test and haven’t studied, here I go:
1. - I spend the first 6 months of the current year without buying a piece of clothing, I went to a rough time in my final semester at college, and I have to save all my money, so I spend one day organizing my closet to see what I have, cut, reused and transform, science I’m a fashion designer too, I know something about sewing, now it’s a different fashion story, I love to transform what I already have and push myself to not go out and buy.
2.- I always think my outfits with hours of anticipation, and picture them in my head, get all excited ,but when it’s time to dress , always end up wearing something completely different, anyway like my sister says I grave a piece and squeeze all the juice to make it look good in no time.
3. - I used to be a cheerleader and live in little shorts and tinny skirts, between training, events and competitions, and I just realized that I almost never wear anything that doesn’t touch the top of my knee (wow this is a revelation).
4.-I have a hard time finding shoes that fit me well and like with my skinny feet, either there to width or too small and most of the time I have to buy bigger shoes and stuffed them with cotton or use my mom’s also too big for me, so when I find ones that fit me, have to buy.
5. Altough I love colors, most of my clothes are neutrals, and that give me the chance to have fun with accessories, like scarves, belts and bracelets, even when I go shopping and found amazing color full pieces I always end buying something black, white, gray, blue.
6. I live in a port sun and beach it’s the thing to go, so naturally everybody wears tight clothes, short dresses, short shorts, but not me I dress as an old and classic lady as my friends say, they always tell me they picture me old, with a fur coat, pearls, a cat, and a martini in my hand.
7. - I never take out a silver ring with a turquoise stone that my grandmother past it to an aunt, and she past it to me, when I graduate high school, I feel weird when I’m not wearing it, even if it doesn’t go with my outfit it´s a must.
Finish, thanks cee this was fun to do, next step it’s going to tag this inspiring girls:

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9 Inspiring words

  1. Thanks for the tag! haha. I have such a hard time with these things but I'll do it. :) I have the same shoe problem. Skinny feet. Shoes are so hard to find.

  2. Awww...I wish I could sew and re-work my pieces! Haha...I also agree with your second confession...I often do the same thing!

    bubbs :)

  3. So fabulous fashion & style secret confession! I was reading and couldn't stop smiling. You are gorgeous! I also can agree with your second confession. Great post!!!

  4. Hey sweetheart, thanks for tagging me in your great post! xD Your first confession kinda answered my last confession! haha.. check out mine, will ya ;) keep up your chicness darl!


  5. aww thanks girl for the tag! ooh this looks so cool, can't wait to do it! love your confessions, esp the one where you saved up money and made good use of your wardrobe at hand by transforming them. soo good, always love it when girls improvise :). Haha, and on the old lady with a fur coat, that's so cute, I'd actually like to be like that too..except with less wrinkles lol. Yay for fashionable grandmas ;).

    Thanks girly, very inspiring post. Will def tag it back to you ;). Stay gorgeous lovely <3.

    Love, KC.

  6. Great blog and amazing style, Love your looks! xox

  7. I love the photo you used for these confessions- you look so mysterious! Good for you that you can sew well enough to transform your wardrobe! I tried so hard, but just couldn't learn to do it to save my life... :(

  8. Oh my goodness, thanks so much!! I am WAY behind on outfit posts but as soon as I get back in a routine, I will hash this out :)

  9. great tips! found myself in some of them:) i'll follow your blog from now on;)