My not so secret love: Illustrations


Hello señoritas today I want to show you some pieces of my work as an illustrator unfortunately I couldn’t take fashion photos this week because officially I have a new job so I’m figuring out my schedule, but as you girls know I’m throwing a contest of a costum illustration for your blogs, so if you haven’t enter go and do it now (if you want of course), I start illustrating probably since I was a 2 years old , but really doing it with a particular style, until my last year of university, I’m surround by so many amazing illustrators here where I live and that’s so inspiring to improve my art, and this are some examples of the little creatures that I do hope you like them.

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9 Inspiring words

  1. These are great illustrations :) You are very talented.

  2. Incredible! You are very talented! Love the outfit posts too!

  3. nice work! good luck with your new job!!!

  4. Wow ! Dear Freesia, these are amazing illustrations! I could see them on walls in some very chic apartment or on some trendy designers t-shirt, or on some great interior design pieces.
    Just don't give up this amazing gift of yours!

    xo Ra

  5. I just love your illustrations, girl! I always loved art but I never could find my own style and eventually gave up. I love you work, though :)

  6. Aw thanks for all your nice comments!!!!
    Really aprecciate it!!!