Day of dead


As you all know I'm from México and one celebration that we all celebrate in October 2nd its day of dead to remember adults, also October 1rst we do something similar but instead to remember the adults we remember and honored the kids, this celebration may sound creepy but it is not, basically what we do is remember those ones that aren’t with us anymore, putting an altar that contains the food, water, photographs, favorite drinks, candy or music that the person we are honoring used to love in live, also we put some candles and the tradition says that putting a light on the altar it’s to guide your love one in to your house so he doesn’t get lost, and enjoys the thing he loved , but in the other side we love to eat a bread that its call bread of dead, and again its nothing weird it’s just a bread with sugar on top, and it’s delicious, or buy little sugar, chocolate, amaranth skulls, with our names on the forehead. love sweets.

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  1. Love sweets too :) The illustration is spectacular as usual, thanks so much for sharing this holiday with us!

  2. these look really scrumptious! we also commemorate nov 1 as the day of the dead here too, but we don't do sweets.. but this is unique!

    hope you can check out my site/follow if you'd like:)


  3. Oh my! I really love your illustration!!!! xD really.......! and, your stories about the ritual is a bit creepy,yes, but... your display (on photos) is really the other way around. They are colorful and beautiful. It's a good thing the remembering those who are past away not with a grief heart but with joy.. Knowing that they're are with God. :)