The winner or winners are. . .


Yes ladies, the winner or winners in this case are the “Project INVOGUE” blog, congratulations to all four; I will make as request a header for their brand new blog.
Thank’s a lot to all for joining my very first contest and for you that didn't won don’t worry freesia blog it’s going to keep giving away more illustrations.

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  1. congrats ladies! i know it will be so cool! ♥

  2. haaawwww...... i missed all of your awards!!! :'(

    and this is such a GRRRRREEEEEAAAAT idea to practice your creativity in designing and illustrating, which also very useful as your valuable portfolio!! admire your works always.. and I just check out your previous posts,, congratz dear for your new job!! glad you finally can follow your dreams and passion in art!

    anyway, your comment really really made my day! miss reading your blog, sweetheart!! :)

    love always,

  3. Congratulations to these girls, I can't wait to see what lovely thing you come up with for them :)

  4. LOl you did such a fabuloussss job.!
    in case anyone wanted to see it check out out blog
    much love to freesia.!! <3