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Hi beautiful people that is reading my blog, let’s talk about pieces that change with your style, like this green dress, I bought it almost three years ago, in a little boutique here where i live, it was going to be used on my sister’s wedding, I saw it, love it at that time, layer some gold necklaces and put some gold lace flats, I felt so cute, three year later I can’t see myself wearing it like that anymore , just because I don’t like how the top part fits me anymore but it would such a waist to never wear it again, so let's add a beautiful sweater by liz claiborne which i found in a 70% off sale how great is that, amazing colorful print, that could make a casual look to really pop. Even the little purse has its own history; it was one of my mom’s first purses for a dressier occasions, so I love it.

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  1. This is a beautiful outfit :) I really like the cardi over the dress.

  2. I adore this outfit. I love how you layered the shirt over the dress. Even your hair is styled perfectly for it!

  3. Cute outfit! i love the floral cardigan!
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  4. It's amazing how one small change an completely update a look. I love this dress and sweater combination- so vibrant and beautiful :)

  5. SO beautiful, I love every single piece! I especially love the heels on those shoes, they're so ladylike :)

  6. Cute photos.

    Follow me if you wish and I' ll follow you back.


  7. oh these colours are amazing, totally chic and so lovely :)

    bisous :)

  8. I LOVE your outfit. All of the colors make me so happy. Plus I totally thought it was a skirt at first and it is even better that it is a dress! I love the green dress!

  9. Gorgeous look! So pretty and lady like! Just lovely!

  10. I love your outfit, it's gorgeous!
    Thank you soooo much for the comment :)
    And lovely blog!
    We should follow eachother :)
    Nat xoxo

  11. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous, and inspires me to do the same with many of my dresses! The green and florals are divine, thanks for the inspiration!! Also, you are so pretty!

  12. I think that top and that skirt are kind of a match made in heaven. The colors make me want to sing-so cheerful looking :)

    Bea from A plus B

  13. what a fab pairing! you are stunning and love the gated backdrop. ♥