My not so secret love: Sergio Laboriel



Morning Beauty

The velvet morning

He´s 21 year old, Photographer and Graphic Designer, I’ve been following his work for the past 4 years or more, I discovered him through an also photographer friend, and just felt for him, he creates the most beautiful and magical atmospheres, with soft colors, gorgeous light and a sutil movement, beautiful girls are his staple, I would say beauty trough his eyes, it’s, to use woman to get a feeling and not just a model in a photograph.
The wild horses

White horse

He knows what he wants in a photograph; and that is pure beauty, he picture it on his head get the girl and in no time a beautiful image appears, he’s honest to his vision, and he is just starting and have been feature in several magazines , imagine what he would do in a few more years, and to top all off he is my friend, how inspiring is that.

You left me in the dark
To see more of his work visit his website Sergio Laboriel

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  1. Beautiful photographs! Your friend is very talented :)

  2. Oh wow...these are stunning. I love the soft, dreamy lighting.

  3. i love the photographs. very beautiful indeed :)

  4. Stunning! His photos are so ethereal!


  5. stunning photos!