"The T-shirt"


When a was a little girl I use to watch my mom in her Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and you know my mom is my ultimate fashion icon so obviously what she wear I want it, but that Mickey piece I could never wear it because it was so big for me at that time, I was so skinny and small I could live in that sweatshirt, time past and that sweatshirt sadly disappear and ever since that moment I always search for a Mickey Mouse top it didn’t matter the style.

September 2010 appears in the map, this girl walk in to Zara and there it was a Mickey Mouse top (Angels singing here please . . . . . . . ok to much). Do you have a piece that you want scince you are a child?  

Even I have this Minnie Mouse scarf it has been with me scince i was 6 years old, and I used put it in my head as a turban, well I still do.

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  1. I even used to sing the Mickey song when I was a kid! I love your shirt! ^_^

  2. I was long time ago looking for Mickey t-shirt and couple years ago I found it in TK Maxx. I was so happy :) I'm still loving my Mickey t-shirt!
    Love your look as well! so cute, but still so chic!

    xo Ra


  3. Okay the accessories you chose for this t-shirt are AMAZING. What an incredible jacket!! I'm just loving your muted primary colors today :)

  4. This is such a sweet post! Up until about two years ago I had a necklace that I had been wearing since I was a baby... It was a simple gold chain with a heart-shaped pendant on it and my initial inside. Sadly, the chain broke somewhere when I was out shopping and I lost it. But I understand the sentimental value of things like the Mickey Scarf. The longer you have it, the more you love it :)

  5. I love Disney!!!!!! :D Minnie and Mickey :D
    tnx for visiting me..
    I'll follow u...
    follow me if u want!!
    see u soon.. :D

  6. This is adorable!! I'm such a sucker for anything Disney related:) I absolutely ADORE your blazer!

  7. I love your outfit! you are super pretty <3 following!


  8. I love the mickey mouse tee shirt!

  9. hello beautiful! thanks so much for checkin out my blog & leaving the love :) i totally had a flash back while reading your post! my mom was also a mickey mouse fan, i clearly remember her wearing leggings with an oversized mickey mouse sweater with a mickey mouse watch..lol.thanks 4 that flash back :)


  10. beautiful blazer!

    and... ahhhmazing illustrations! i am in love with your cute artwork!!! :D

    your artwork are such an inspiration, i swear.
    you have a new follower! <3

    & your blunt bangs reminds me of thecherryblossomgirl. hehe.

    cins - [design3rd]

  11. i love minnie mouse!!! wow i love your shirt too and your scarf!! <3 you lookin good too!

    Taradiddles of Style on a Budget

  12. That Mickey Mouse shirt is really cute. It looks really great with your yellow blazer. My sister has a cute little jean jacket with Minnie on the back. Love it.

  13. oh you are too cute is WHAT! love this post and the tee story, very sweet.

    when i was little we had these chenille bedspreads, mine was creamy white, and i adored the texture and pattern of them. eventually i learned a bit of sewing and made mine into a skirt with the hem of it as the fringe bottom that used to graze the floor. haha, i will keep it forever ♥

  14. Oh I had a Mickey shirt like that last year! I loved it... but it got a little too snug! Too many sweets I think ;)



  15. Amazing shots - love the colours of the wall behind you...

  16. you look verry good!



  17. super cute look, i love the headband and blazer!