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Hi, so a couple of weeks the gorgeous and inspiring designer Danielle from, she gave me the stylish blogger award, and I want to thank her for this award, saying that I really love her blog and look up to her for being a great designer that is building a beautiful career, that I would love to have some day, so thanks Denj for thinking on me for this award. If you haven´t check her blog yet go and do it now, she is a beautiful and talented girl that loves -“making lists, drinking tea, shopping, fashion, travelling, scarves, sisters, photography, chocolate sprinkles, orange juice, designing”-. Thanks again

To accept this award I have to follow some rules, and here they are:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award (Thanks Danielle you’re the best.)
2. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
3. Pay it forward to 7 bloggers you adore and contact them to let them know they've been chosen.

Seven facts, so I’m going to change it a little and tell you seven moments in a regular day of my life:

1. Wake up at 6:45 and make half hour of workout, you girl know I love workout videos or simple meditation just to feel like I’m doing something good for my body and mind.
2.  At 8:40 I have to be waiting for the bus, I don´t have a car and don’t know how to drive, my boyfriend gave me two lessons in a parking lot, it wasn’t really bad I scream and my boyfriend laugh a lot.  
3. 1:30 I go home and eat with my little niece, and talk about her day at school, and talk about Disney princess, really interesting conversation.
5.6:30 go out from work and go with my boyfriend to shop some things, dinner or just being together.
6. When I get home I just start checking my mail, do some Chictopia comments, and do blog homework,
7. Go to sleep, beautiful ending for a normal day.
(This facts change but this are the basics of my life.)

Now I’m going to give this award to 7 bloggers, that I spend hours reading their amazing blogs:

Alexis from Amgoorie 
Ushi Sato from the shadesandscarf 
Renee from lavogueish
 Lisabeth from voguish doodles 
Victoria from VIPXO 
Tiffany and Laurie from naturesknockout 
Michelle Salz-Smith Studio Surface 

Thanks again Danielle.

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  1. Congrats on the award. You are a very stlyish person. :)

  2. Congratulations, girl! I have another award for you :) You can find out about it here...

  3. freesia! lovely girl, you are too kind, and the sweetest EVER, thank you so much

    xoxox denj

  4. wew...thank you Freesia...u made my morning!!!


  5. joba pues que suerte tienes, yo es que aun no se que comprarle!!!! estaba pensando en algunas botas para el fútbol pero buff es complicado eh! en cambio a los demás?pan comido a mi hermana le compré el vestido para fin de año a mi hermano un jersey, mi mami lleva una camiseta.. cosas sencillitas pero a el? aiii que problemón tengo y solo quedan unos dias!!!!!

  6. i loved your change up and hearing about your day. normal days are the best, no rushing...less heart palps ; )

    they allow you to be in the moment and quietly observe. so centering and needed amidst some of the other kinds of days. congrats lovely! ♥

  7. congrats on the award! i wish i was like you and could get myself to workout every morning!

    ps-i'm having a leather jacket giveaway and would love for you to enter!

  8. your a such a sweetie! thank you so much again hun!!

    much love xox

  9. ngaw aw aww awwwww.... super tanks for the award sweetheart!!!!! xD anddd,,, those header are superrrrrrrr cute!!! love it love it love it!!! :) ok, gotta go post a new one.. ;p

    love always,

    oh, and happy merry Christmas honey!!! <3

  10. Thanks lady!!! I will get on my post ASAP! :)