Wake up Santa came!


I hope you had an amazing Christmas, because I did, I really love the moment when the presents are getting open, and when a little 2 year old girl is there it’s even more fun, my niece already gets what Christmas means and obviously Santa, she was so excited she had a calendar that she marked every single day since the begin of December just for Santa to come , isn’t that adorable, so that day finally came and she just love it, wake up at 6 in the morning wake up mom and dad open her presents, then she came to my house, take the gifts that were under tree, then give it to the person that belong and help the person to open the present, and she just scream , ooooo its beautiful,even if it was just socks. 

The broche it’s from an aunt, she own the most amazing collection of accessories and jewelry, if I need a little detail to add to some look, I know she has it, this aunt is the same that gave me my grandmothers ring that I never take of, and in the photo below is the little purse, that was my mom’s, and is perfect small and cute.

And now it’s just a countdown for a new year.

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  1. such a cute coat!! i love that pop of purple from your dress and hat!!


  2. Love this outfit!! Your jacket is really cute and I love your hat.

    Christmas is so fun when it's spent with little kids. I love how excited they are for every gift :)

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Love the purple.

    Following your blog, hope you would like to follow mine too...



  4. Your coat is awsome!

    if you want to take a look:

  5. glad you had a happy christmas, freesia :) mine was fairly okay :) Love your outfit!:) love the grey and purple!

  6. love your coat..!!!! adorable!
    can't wait for new year...:)
    happy holidays!!!!

  7. love these pics. your bag is gorgeous.
    happy holidays! xx

  8. That coat is gorgeous!! Love the grey and periwinkle together. I had a happy Christmas and I'm so glad you did, too :)

  9. Your outfit is perfect!!You seem so vintage!!!
    I love christmas time....my favorite day is the 24th, that day, all my family meet in my home,we are a very big group and it´s very funny!!
    besitos, me estoy esforzando con el inglés, pero creo que al final merendiré a comentarte en español,ajjaja

  10. me encanta como vas vestida!!!!!! precioso el gorrito(:

  11. i'm so happy that i found your blog! i like your style and your hair :) i will follow

  12. Love this outfit!! The jacket looks so cozy too!


  13. This is a magnificent look and I love your coat! The broche adds such a cute detail. ♥

  14. that color purple is gorg w/that gray coat!
    feel free to follow xxo