Let's get in shape


Look what is in my bookshelf, “Jane Fonda's workout book from 1981”, Don’t you this kind of books?(I know books aren't the it thing for workingout anymore DVD's are but i still like them) You read, do the workout, look at the photos, sweat a lot, feel great and the next morning you think you look like a super model. I know I do.

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  1. jane fonda was so gorgeous! and look at her now. the first picture says it all... "poor" jane fonda ;) ha I hope that joke gets through the internet successfully. cute post!


  2. Oh, what a cool book You have! and Jane Look so hot! I should do more workout :)

    xo Ra

  3. I have this book too! :) I used to have the beta tape when I was younger also. lol. Love Jane Fonda.