Dinner time


First day of the week, and my challenge on posting a daily random photo is harder than I thought, in the morning I take my camera with me but I didn’t put the SD card so no photos during the day, but at night when my boyfriend peek me from work I realized that I have an extra SD card on my camera case, hate when things like this happened….
So tonight we went to this new restaurant that opened like a month ago, it was good, didn’t like it as much as other places we have been, but one thing I love the dessert, so good. Have a lovely week.

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5 Inspiring words

  1. omg! I love sushi, yummy!!

    xo Ra

  2. well, me too hate when something like that occur! :(
    anw, loving sushi! :) :)

  3. Que buena pinta tiene todo, el sitio, la comida...una pena lo de las fotos, suele pasar,jajaj

  4. Totally Understood!! Especially when u R up with new challenge/target, LOL! Don't let those things drag u down :) Btw, the sushi looks tasty!! :D