Isn't she Lovely


Hi, so I want to thanks to all of you that decided that my blog has something interesting and click on the follow button, I really appreciate it, and we are already 100 so thanks a lot, and to even make this more special I want to thank the first girl I meet trough blogging she was the second person to follow my blog as I already said in my shout outs of 2010, she is like my blog sister and probably we are not in contact a lot but just reading her blog and knowing about her style, the books that she read, her friends make me feel that.

And she honored me with the Lovely blog award last year and I really want to make this post a long time ago just that my life have been a little busy lately, but its finally here, and please check her blog and get addicted to it she is amazing.Now I have to givei it to five girls: 

O and get ready for the second Custom Illustration contest

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  1. Heya, thank you so much for the blog award!! <3

  2. Congrats on the award and thank you so much!!! :) You are wonderful.

  3. congrats on the award! blog friends are truly special people :)


  4. oh, cee is such a wonderful girl!!
    what a lovely post. congrats on the award :)

  5. Muchas gracias!!!!Es mi primer premio, que ilusión!!!Pero no tengo ni idea que tengo que hacer,jajaja
    Y el mejor piropo, lovely!!!

    Thanks so much!!!It´s my first prize, so that illusion!!! But, I don´t know idea about what I have to do now,hahaha
    And, it´s the best compliment, lovely!!!


  6. aww Thank you so much for the blog award Freesia you are too awesome!! :)


  7. congratulations lovely! i truly adore your blog and am honored to be included among these wonderful bloggy girls! thank you. xo ♥

  8. Congratulations on getting this award, freesia! totally deserve it!:)

  9. aw congrats Monica!! you definitely deserve it as your blog is one of the loveliest I've read and seen :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  10. You definitely deserve this award!Congratulation!! *hugs*
    I will definitely look on those blogs which you passed on this award
    Oh, Cee is such a sweetheart!

    xo Ra

  11. Congrats for the award dear!!

  12. Aw, you're so sweet!! Thank you so dearly for the blog award:) You made my day darling. Congrats on all your followers!!