The battery procrastination


So, I guess you are wondering where my Monday fashion post is right.  Well the story begins when my rechargeable batteries where kind of failing on me for the last 2 weeks but noting that a turn off, turn on couldn’t fix, and then  this weekend was the last time my batteries help me out, they decide to just die after taking the first photo.

This is the lesson of the week “After the first sign of battery failure go and buy new batteries”, so girls and boys hope this is a lesson could help you in the future, don’t think those batteries are going to last forever.

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9 Inspiring words

  1. hahaha que post más mono!Menos mal wue la primera foto salió perfecta!
    Un beso!!

  2. one shot, one kill. the illustrations are too cute. :)

  3. Love the outfit....your hair always looks perfect in a bun!

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  4. Love this outfit!! Beautiful!!


  5. Hahahaha too true! Your outfit i to die for!!


  6. que guapa y que outfit jajaja adoro tu muñequita :)

  7. This is such a cute look. and I LOVE all your illustrations. You are so talented :)