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Hi everyone, after a couple of weeks of being sick, I decided to take courage and take some photos, and this ones where a Little struggle, not only my eyes were watering because of my haunting flu, also because a bright lime green house was in front of this wall, so I have my boyfriend take a photo and stop, take a couple more and stop again, my eyes were not cooperating at all.  (I guess I’m a good actress or my boyfriend is an excellent photographer because it doesn’t look like I’m a cartoon pouring water out of my eyes, also great waterproof mascara, wink) .

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  1. What an adorable look! Love the bag especially (and the nails!!)


  2. Sorry to hear about you getting sick. I'm even hospitalized as of this writing cause of asthma. I know I should be resting but I'm online for the lack of things to do.

    The shots are amazing. You really did a good job and your boyfriend as well too.

  3. Oh, sorry to read that you have been sick! I hope that you are feeling way better now.

  4. love your nails! :)


  5. This was my favourite picture! I fav'd this one on Chictopia.

    x, Crystal
    crystal dots.

  6. you don't look sick at all :) and I looove this dress!