The kids shirt, the mom skirt and the girl necklaces


Here is the story behind every piece of this look, let’s start with the shirt, I always find woman’s shirts not flattering for me, I’m small, so that means no hips and no boobs and darts  are supposed to exist to make you look more fitted not for me I really  look frumpy, I ratter have a nice not detailed shirt, so I go for the kids Oscar de la Renta shirts size 16 those are my favorite fit me the way I love, now let’s talk about the skirt, this skirt was my mom’s, no surprise on that one right?, I started this blog wearing only my mom’s clothes not in the best way but I loved it so much at the time and this skirt I used to wear it as a dress, then the necklaces one of them is a belt from the 80s that my mom gave to me 3 years ago, and the other one I stole it from her when I was 17 until this day she thinks she gave it to me ( now I feel bad) , so I take good care of it.

 Have a lovely day

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