Get inspired by: Ballerinas and Paris (Coco&Vera)


Get inspired Thursday has a very special guest, the beautiful lady that belongs to Paris Cee from Coco&Vera blog, she is one of the first bloggers that I love, she has a very unique lady style, and I was curious on where her inspiration came from, so I have to ask. I always find on her style a love for black, and muted colors, so when she told me that one of her inspiration was Ballerinas I totally get her spin off this delicate characters, she told me - I started dance lessons when I was six, and the older girls who took classes after me, with their tidy buns and pretty pink leotards, seemed like goddesses. They were my idols, and their style still informs my own; I love tutus and pale pastel colors.

Other great inspiration for Cee is the city of Paris, this charming city is a must for her, she recently visited and felt more in love of it, she told me - The whole city is a work of art, from the tallest building to the smallest pastry. I love the lights, the action, the energy and, most of all, the style. In Paris, fashion has no limits.
Hope that you like this new series on the Get inspired posts, Thanks to Cee for sharing her inspiration and go and check out Coco&Vera for a little more inspiration.

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  1. I definitely look to Paris for inspiration as well!
    I am all for pale pink and nudy tones and the romantic feminine vibes :)
    great post!
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  2. Hellooooo, thank you so much for being my follower . I really love ur style and ur blog :)

  3. I love this post, Monica! The graphic you made from the photos I sent you is just stunning. Thank-you so much for featuring me :)

  4. Great post. Thanks for your comment and for following :)xx

  5. Cee is so lovely and I think spot-on Minica You have catched her inspiration so perfect!
    So beautiful post!

    xoxo Ra

  6. I so love ballet as well. Hence I am drown to anything that is pink, tulle and puffy and whispery.

  7. Beautiful dress, the sparkle shoes look great.

  8. Wonderful! I love your blog!

    follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    thank you so much!

  9. I love this post. Cee is definitely inspirational, and I can for sure see the ballerina influence in her style.

  10. i can definitely agree with what she's inspired by! i LOVE Paris, it is my biggest dream to visit. and as for ballerinas, i adore their costumes and dance. I loved it even more when Black Swan was out :). beautiful feature Monica! & i LOVE Cee and her blog :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  11. I want to go to Paris soooo bad! So I can relate!!

  12. isn't Cee just the prettiest candied confection?! i adore her style, she really embodies a grace and class you don't often see in these modern days. the mix's in her arsenal of outfits always did remind me of a lovely ballerina but i didn't realize it is her inspiration as well.

    thanks so much for sharing this Monica, i loved the insight behind such a treasure of a girl. ♥

  13. she's one of the first blogger that i followed and fell in love with, too! she's so graceful and her style is so beautiful!
    great post,if i were to make a "get inspired by" would both be on the top of the list!

  14. Great outfit! I really love the maxi lenght and the hat is a great touch!

  15. loveee the images.
    and the outfit is well put together.!
    looks very fun && glam

  16. Beautifully done! Thank you!


  17. This post gets me excited for my adventures to Paris in 3 weeks! Fab post x

  18. those golden heels are so pretty! i'm obsessed with the idea of paris too ...

    It would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia fashion