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Hola, Happy Monday Spring is officially here, get ready for vibrant colors and sheer fabrics, for this week I went totally different on my photo looks, I usually love to choose different backgrounds that complement my outfit, but this week I went with no background and vibrant colored skirt, I don’t know if I like this but, I guess is nice to try different things.

New week and I’m not starting it very well, I have a little flu, watery eyes and sore throat but, colors always help you to feel a little better at least that is what I do, Red and white, those colors always go together, and they always bright me up, even if I’m sick.   
Also I want to thank for making my blog, blog of the week , if you want to see the interview click here, and check out, and see what people wear around the world.

Look what I get in the mail today a little love that I want to share with you, have a great week.

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27 Inspiring words

  1. love ur red skirt, get well soon freesia :)

  2. Yay!! Finally after months!! some vday love. :)

  3. i like how your shirt blends into the background but you hit back with that great skirt! lovely bright colour for the better weather:)

  4. Pretty skirt! It is spring but today it hailed at my house! Hope you feel better soon.


  5. GREAT RED SKIRT! wow, so pretty!!! I definitely think colors help to make anyone feel better :)

    Hope you feel better

  6. Ah you look awesome and your outfit is so pretty!

  7. I hope you feel better soon! The flu is the worst. Love your skirt. I like your choice to take out the background. It really allows you to focus on the skirt. Beautiful.

  8. awesome!!!! ^.^ the color of the skirt is so happy!

  9. Your hair looks adorable! Great posts!
    sorry your not feeling so great, thats no fun, get well soon!!

    fallow me on

  10. Sorry you are getting sick and congrats on the press. Love this skirt. Very retro.

  11. White so brings out this fabulous skirt colour! You look gorgeous Monica! I like that You belted your skirt and that bow looks so cute on the back.
    I'm so sorry if I'm impatient. I'm just too excited that You working on my blog header.
    Hope You gone feel well soon. Take care!

    xoxo Ra

  12. beautiful blog u have and lovely style!

  13. this is so perfect!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my latest giveaway while you're at it!

  14. Wonderful photos! I love the white background - is this in doors or outside?

  15. So chic. I love your blog - you have amazing style. I stumbled upon your blog and Im now following you :)

  16. Loving the red!! But you knew that ;)
    absolutely gorgeous, might have to try this look myself!

  17. such a pretty look. it reads so 70s to me - one of my favorite fashion decades! the addition of the scarf is perfection and i love that belt!

    Hope u feel better
    thanks for stopping by my blog the other day :)
    xoxo KellyAnn

  18. Assuming that you speak Spanish because you live in Mexico:

    Gaau chica XD Felicidades en el premio! Hace poco que encontre a tu blog, pero lo encanto <3 y creo que lo mereces.

  19. wow you look so great dear!! I love the touch of red skirt! loooooooove this vinatge style!

  20. I love the pop of colour from your skirt and how the top almost vanishes into the backdrop. Very cool.

    Just found your blog and will be following.

  21. oh my gosh i just found your blog and i LOVE it. you have amazing style!! i'm totally following. if you feel the same about mine i would ove if you followed {:


  22. This is beautiful <3 :)

    Xoxo Christine