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Second week on the “Get inspired” series with a special guest, her name is Kathleen and she runs a blog named “Inspirafashion”, she has a beautiful style, unique pieces that you would never thought on putting together or at least I don’t, and put them into amazing looks, always interesting and beautiful, that is Kathleen, so let’s get a little of her inspiration.

Now that spring is coming beautiful images bring that feel of flowy pieces, and beautiful places just like the firts part of her inspiration – She said- I'm seriously looving all things soft, neutral, and light for this spring. This gorgeous dress is amazing with the fringe sleeves and glitter sequins surrounding the entire dress, the photography used here is so inspiring.

Let’s talk shoes, every fashion lover and Kathleen’s know what a good statement shoe looks like and she bring a great example with the amazing leopard wedges - She said-  The reasons of why I love this image #1 the amazing leopard print shoes, and #2 because it is my all-time favorite kind of shoe -- a wedge!  I love these kind of photos where sometimes they don't show the entire look but instead focuses on one part of it.  This really makes me want to get leopard print wedges!- I have to agree with her.

Thank’s to Kathleen for giving us more inspiration for this upcoming spring, and if you want more inspiration please visit her at Inspirafashion blog.

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  1. Love both photos. THe flowy gowns are really lust worthy this spring. I would love to own just don't think I will get much wear out of them. Love the animal print wedges. I have been wearing the pair I got from Forever 21 all the time recently.

  2. I love how You write these articles, so beautifully written. KC is so amazing and lovely gilr. I like her sense of style as well.
    I love leaopard print wedges as well. So must have from last year, but so difficult to get them on my size.

    xoxo Ra

  3. Lovely pictures and I took a look into her blog, really great style she has ;)

  4. Beautiful pics!