I cant see. . . . .


What you do when your bangs are so long that you cant see anything and the person that style them is not in the city???. . . . Well you change your hair style at leas that is what I do.

Yes Thursday I was going to cut my bangs but the person that cuts my hair have no time to do it and that person is my mom she had to go out of the city, so she couldn’t do it , and I hate that stage in my bangs where they just are so long that I can’t see a thing, and they don’t go anywhere but down, not even cute side bangs, but a little change on my hair is not that bad, what do you think???

But talking about my look these days I’ve been in a casual mode, I just want to live on my jeans, and basic T-shirts, simple, but although comfortable doesn’t mean that you have to look bad, so looking for something to bring live to the look I found this floral blazer, that have some of my favorite colors so I have to wear it.

My boots used to be my mom but I adopted those 5 years ago, love them a lot but unfortunately they fit me to big, they are 2 sizes bigger than my actual size but if you are a shoes lover that doesn’t stop anyone right?, so give me some cotton, to fill them , and the problem is solved .Have a gorgeous week.

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  1. Ohhh, you look so muuch pretier hun!! And I just love the floral balzer! Lovable.. Totally agree on the stuffed shoes there monic! :D I did that too, but with tissues.. Lol.

    hug and kiss kiss,

  2. Cool poses and love that rock in the background. Great boots. I permenantly barrow stuff from my mom all the time.

  3. Nice outfit , i always love ur background photos :)

  4. I like your new hairstyle, You look hot.

    xoxo Ra

  5. i think you look real pretty :)

    join my StiLa giveaway!

  6. I really like your hair style in this photos! so nice
    and the blazer, wow!!

  7. oh my gaaaa... i LOVE your hair back like that! it's so wild how a little change can completely give a different look, it's awesome lades.

    i've done the same filling technique in shoes i adore too, we can't give up hey....fashion calls! haha

    you are beautiful and i'm crazy about your floral jacket, it's like a painting you can wear, so good. xo ♥

  8. love your blazer!
    I'm so in love with florals right now!


  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! And the boots rock!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. Your hair are just amazing, loved the band too but this is very pretty :)

  11. I had a fringe (bangs) for like a month and a half but I just got so sick of them because they do grow way too quickly! And as much as I love them on other people, I think it is such a refreshing look and really brightens peoples faces when they pin them back! And you look gorgeous, i love your lipstick! x

  12. Love the floral print blazer and the way you've styled your hair. I know how difficult it is to hide your bangs, so props to you for doing such a great job.

  13. Thanks for your comment,your blog is great!xoxo

  14. Your hair looks GREAT!
    Super cute!! :)

  15. Me encanta como te has recogido el pelo, se te ve genial! Va mucho con el look, me gusta el color de pintalabios que resalta los colores rosas de la chaqueta. En cuanto me pase por chictopia, te voto con un fave!
    un beso!!

  16. I absolutely love the way you've styled your hair for this post, it looks stunning! The pink lipstick suits you perfectly, too, and is such a lovely accent to your floral jacket. Gorgeous as always :)

  17. I love how you always have the most interesting settings for your photos. I think it adds a lot to the diversity of pictures. Not only do you look adorable with bangs but you can totally rock this look! Tres chic my friend. Lovely lipstick color by the way :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!