The Cycle of Fashion


Hi beautiful readers, after a week of being just lazy and not upload anything to my blog, I just decide to shake up and get back on track, and what a better way than once again challenge my fashion sense. If you have look at my blog, you probably know that I like to wear pieces that are out of my comfort zone, if I would not challenge myself, I would live in white tops and jeans and that is boring.

So I went to my mom’s closet and pick this tie-dye dress with a fringe detail at the bottom, trust me I was a little afraid of wearing it just because tie-dye is something that I like to watch, but don’t like to wear it, so I try it on and love it, one more lesson that fashion gave me, “try it, before you judge it” or something like that.

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  1. you look amazing! love the dress to bits!

  2. Que original!Me encanta el look!Es muy importante probar ideas nuevas al vestirse, si no sería aburridísimo!
    un beso!

  3. I like the colors. Nice combination.

  4. Oh have ACED your Challenge for your fashion sense! I LOVE IT!! It's amazing how the beautiful colors of your dress matches the stones (have the same colors as your dress) behind you! You've got a great eye and fashion sense! ♥
    -Anna :D

  5. Beautiful photos, I love the colors of the dress :)


  6. that dress is so amazing and looks great on you! so fantastic :)

  7. I love how you went out of your comfort zone on is a strikingly beautiful, original piece and you wear it perfectly:)

  8. that tie die fringe is amazing. is it from the 70's i loooovvvveeee it.

  9. que bueno es poder entrar al closet de mami y encontrar piezas asi! i love it!

    B So Chic!™

  10. this tie dye and fringe piece is just amazing! love it.

  11. So, so pretty! I love the color combination of the tie-dye and your styling is just perfection. The photos are gorgeous too.
    I admire how pushed you style limits by going out of your comfort zone. I think that is something everyone should try in life and fashion every once in a while.

  12. This is absolutely wonderful! I love the fringe detailing. It kind of reminds me of something from the seventies but yet it's completely modern. Just perfect :) Way to push your own boundaries!

  13. your so so adorable. love your outfit my dear. thanks for the sweet comment on the blog so nice. hope you liked the blog and will follow

    love m.
    keep in touch.


    Visit my blog pls and if you like it, follow me. :)

  15. Oh golly, that dress is gorgeous! So fun and summery! Love that fringe as well :)
    cute cute cute. can't handle it!