In her Sandals


Let’s say that sometimes wearing sandals is the best thing for a summer day, and these ones are the best, they are from Blow fish shoes, The thing with open shoes for me is that  I always have a problem finding shoes that fit because I have skinny feet, but this one’s aren’t a problem at all.

Featured also on this look my favorite leather bag that my lovely mother got for me a couple of months ago, and a light cotton dress that I got from my mom’s closet, I love the crochet details .

Just a casual look for a casual day of summer.

Have a great Weekend.

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21 Inspiring words

  1. such a lovely summery outfit!


  2. I have a very similar bag to you ! Great relaxed feeling outfit

  3. Adore the combination of white and brown! Like ice-cream covere with chocolate! :)

  4. You look great!
    I love white on you, and this dress is so cute and summery.. Love it!! :)

  5. Monica, even if it's casual look for casual day, but yet it 's so stylish and so pretty. Those sandals are statement piece indeed. That beautiful detailing - beads and straps. Your mom have chosen so timeless and super stylish gift. That bag can add so fabulous touch to any look. I think so versatile it can be.
    Dress.Oh, every summer I'm so in love in little pretty dresses and your's is so prefect summer dress. I love little, cute crochet details. It can be dressed up or dressed down. So pretty.
    I have to admit I'm always amazed of your photos. Even if it's just simple brick wall background, but yet all your photos looks like editorial fashion photography.

    xoxo Ra

  6. That is a great dress with some lovely sandals. The detail on that dress is amazing and your photos are adorable!

  7. Love the details on this dress too!

  8. Gosh I just LOVE visiting your blog. You have such amazing outfits and the photos are so beautiful every time. You are just too cute and amazing.

  9. me gusta mucho el contraste de tu vestido blanco con el muro de ladrillo, unas fotos muy bonitas!!!

  10. I love that bag and dress! very cute outfit! :]

  11. I absolutely love your dress, it's so lovely! White dresses are great, I think I need one. :)

    Just discovered your blog and I love it! Now following on google and bloglovin!

    Sequins & Shadows

  12. Freesia you look amazing in this white dress!! Awesome bag <3 I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Soo cuuttee! I ADORE your leather brown bag! It looks very authentic! ♥ I also love the last photo! ♥
    -Anna :D

  14. Oh gosh this is just so perfect in every way, that crisp white shirt and you brown bag, I love this look xxx

  15. I love this look! Can I have it? I mean everything! =) just kidding. Thanks for stopping by my blog.