Get inspired by: Aminta's Fashion


Get inspired by the lovely Aminta from Aminta’s Fashion, I really get inspired by her style, she is so creative in every look that she shares and the way she shows them at blog, so I had to ask her what is what inspires her, and her answer was  - Every day I find something inspirational and that´s great- (totally agree with Aminta we have to get inspired by all the things that surround us), one of her picks was Lady Gaga and we know she is not afraid of expressing anything, so her strong personality is definitely inspiring Aminta.

Her other two inspirations are Vintage and Magazines, Vintage in general is currently inspiring to a lot of woman just for the elegance that portraits that term , and Magazines I guess is self-explanatory, who doesn’t love to go through a magazine and watch all the amazing editorials, make-up, clothes, shoes and scenes.

Thank you Aminta for sharing your inspiration

P.S. make sure you go and get inspired by her looks ate her blog.

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  1. You are adorable Freesia!! This is just amazing...thanks for this lovely post .