Get inspired by: Rain?


Right now it’s about to start rain season where I live, and I can’t wait, sleep with that relaxing sound, wake up with the rain smell coming from the backyard, see the ocean so peaceful, cloudy skies in the morning and by noon the sun shines even more beautiful than other days, the extreme hot weather is tamed, and have long walks with the loved one, or car rides also works ( Imagine me making dreamy eyes and a sweet smile), and probably is not as glamourous as seen in movies, cars could wet you, your shoes get ruined, hair gets frizzy, make up goes down, but I guess sometimes the most lovely things have a down side.

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3 Inspiring words

  1. I love the sound of rain, especially a really strong storm. As long as I'm inside, heavy rain is fantastic.

  2. mmm yes, I loved the rain in Mexico when I was there...