I'm back


I’m back on doing what I love and that is illustrations, I leave it for a couple of months, My hand just couldn’t do it, hate when this happens, thankfully its over, First start with a blank piece of paper then making some lines and then a new character is born, usually I create stories behind my illustrations or get inspiration from real people, this one was inspired on the look by my boyfriend, happy, furry cat with glasses, a little nerd and really cute, it’s summer so I know he would love to have summer school.

Did you know I’m doing a GIVEAWAY please join it’s 100% free! 

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7 Inspiring words

  1. You make absolutely amazing illustrations!

  2. Hi Darling ! thanks for your comment on my blog !

    Checking out your blog and really LOVING it so FOLLOWING you definitely !

    Keep reading mine and follow me too i hope !


  3. This is so cute! You're really talented! I wish I knew how to do this and improve my blog.

  4. I love creative perons. You are one of amazing womans which I look from a distance and admire- for look, for sense of style, for your talent.

    This is sooo cute illustration. I love it and I like how You described your inspiration.

    xoxo Ra

  5. have a great summer as well! Thanks for your comments. XOXO

  6. Wooow !! Love it ..... I wish I could have this talent... love illutrations too and you do it very well dear.